The City of Light never fails to dazzle. Once a sleepy Roman fishing village, Paris now boasts more culture per square metre than nearly any city in the world.

From the treasures in the Louvre to the glittering Champs-Elysées to the iconic Tour Eiffel, we’ll navigate your students to the riches of Paris, soaking in more than a thousand years of history along the way. Of course, we’ll take time to savor French cuisine and possibly stroll along the Seine, because despite all the hustle, Paris is a city that still values leisure and daydreams.

Countless artists, musicians, and authors have found inspiration among the lively boulevards, elegant gardens, and timeworn cafés of this unforgettable city. With etr, your students will as well.

Each etr Paris itinerary is custom designed to be a time-efficient, great value learning experience, all with your learning outcomes firmly in mind.

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etr has been leading student explorations of Paris since 1990. Isn’t it time for you?

Eager to discover the real Paris?

Our mission is to design trips which help your students achieve their specific learning outcomes. And we know how. To find out more, drop us a line.
French Language Programs.

Language teachers, please note that etr has, for the past 28 years offered complete language programs combining classroom instruction with an exciting exploration of the capital and the surrounding region. Those teachers wishing to offer your students a more intensive French language opportunity should contact us today.

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