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The etr Program Director ?
We understand that our Program Directors are a vital aspect of your tour and we therefore go to great lengths to select the best available individuals for our tour director team. The current roster of etr Program Directors have been with us for an average of 8 years…much, much longer than many other agencies have actually been in business… and often schools request specific individuals to be their tour Program directors, and what better recommendation can one get.
What about flights ?
For over 30 years etr has enjoyed partnerships with the world’s leading airlines including British Airways, Thai Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Singapore Airlines, LAN Airlines, Royal Jordanian, South African Airlines, Swiss International, Air France, Austrian and Cathay Pacific, amongst others. And as airline agents we can secure for you the lowest available fares, even from remote locations, and even from some of Europe’s budget airlines. What we often suggest to many of our out-of-Europe client schools is for them to get a fare from a local agent and we’ll get one from our airline contacts here…and then use the lowest one. As we do not mark up airfares, you benefit financially. Take advantage of our flight expertise, all at no cost to you.
Do you offer language programs ?
Yes, we have been operating our signature Language Explorations in Paris, Madrid and Sevilla for a over two dozen years. Classes in the morning, cultural discovery in the afternoon and evening, all geared to improvement of French or Spanish language skills. And our mother-tongue Tour Directors make sure that the progress in the classroom is reinforced with usage throughout the day’s activities. What better way to make significant advances in language proficiency while exploring a new destination!
Can we make specific requests ?
Yes, that is what we want you to do. It is safe to say that over the two decades of operation, we have very seldom (never?) operated the same exact trip program twice. And this is because we have the destination knowledge and international school experience to truly customize your program to meet your group’s specific needs. We’ve been to our destinations time and time again (how about 240 Italy groups under our belt?) and can truly tailor make the program to your criteria. Would you like to combine three nights in Berlin with four in Prague, or Kruger game exploration with Cape Town community service, Hanoi highlights with three nights in Siem Reap? Well, we’ve done it before and we will do it just for you and, most importantly, to your specifications. How about longer duration, specific program elements, and a precise standard level of accommodation? No problem. We have been customizing tours for international schools since 1990 and our experience allows us to fully adapt any and all aspects of your program to any of our destinations.
Why etr ?

Because experience really matters.

We know that you want to travel with the most practiced and focused operator who can provide an unsurpassed level of service, quality, value and support. It just makes your job that much easier. We at etr have the experience and professional travel expertise to make your program truly custom-designed and a program that is the most time-efficient possible. And that equates to better value.

Experience and service are what we’re all about and what separates us from other agencies. For the past three decades, etr has been recognized for its high level of personal service, destination expertise and ability for complete customization, elements which have made us the acknowledged leader we are today. From the moment of the trip's inception to the safe return to school, etr is with you throughout.

Knowledgeable. Professional. Experienced. etr.

How do we get started ?

Starting the planning with etr is easy and friendly, and, most importantly, it works. Just send an email outlining your interest, perhaps with a telephone number and a good time to call. One of our etr administrators will then give you a quick telephone call to get more information about your specific requirements, your goals and desired outcome for your program as well as any other pertinent information. Based on our 30 years’ experience, we’ll outline some activity ideas for consideration and happily send you a sample itinerary for your review, complete with well thought out suggestions to meet your needs. We then, in full concert with you, tweak the itinerary until it is just the program for you. And please remember that we at etr have the expertise to make it right.

Why are there no specific itineraries on your website?
This is a great question and focuses on our abilities and experience. As we at etr are fully committed to providing you with a customized program which meets your exact criteria, we do not have usual cookie-cutter, set-in-stone programs others provide on their sites. That would be just too easy. Instead, we want to hear what you want, and then we design. This system has worked great for 30 years and, given our reputation, is something our clients are very pleased with.
How much do these trips cost ?
At etr we are committed to providing each group with the best value program available. As each and every itinerary is custom designed to meet your specific needs, the price of each tour is calculated based on your requirements. As we have been in operation for over 30 years, hundreds and hundreds of groups which have travelled with us have benefited from our volume discount rates as well as our loyalty discounts we secure and are able to pass along to you. Moreover, our continued commitment to personal service and quality does not mean expensive, it means the best value for your students and for you.
How many students are in your groups and how many teachers can go along?

Over the years we have had groups as small as 8 students and as large as 136....and all the variations in between. We think that after taking into consideration elements of cost, supervision, ease of movement, that a group composed of 20 to 25 students and two or three free teacher places is ideal. And not surprisingly, about 70 % of our groups fall into this category. We understand that each school has their own teacher to student ratio and this is just another element which we can fully customize for you.

Speak to an Expert

To find out more about a particular destination, why not talk to the experts directly. Just drop us a line with a rough guideline of destination, time of year which you would like to travel and ages of the students and a member of the etr team will contact you and outline a programme which meets your specific requirements.
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