Community Service
With a variety of service programs only matched by the variety of landscapes, South Africa is a rich and rewarding service destination.

From Durban to Soweto to Cape Town to Kuruman, at schools in both urban and rural settings, the visiting student’s eagerness, enthusiasm and energy does make a difference. As well, there are countless refurbishment projects for group homes such as orphanages and hospices. One opportunity is our Kuruman Service Program, designed for high school students, which combines challenging work at rural crèches and schools in an area of a displaced population at the edge of the Kalahari.

etr’s service programs interweave service projects with rewarding student activities giving participants a deeper understanding and appreciation of South Africa’s rich culture, deep history and challenging contemporary issues.

The Kalahari trip was great and Craig was fantastic as always. Thanks for making the changes we requested. We’d like to do it again.
PH and his students have engaged in South Africa service for five consecutive years
South Africa

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