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Spanish Language teachers the world over can offer their students a great opportunity to make substantial progress while discovering the wonders of Spain with etr's dual-track language programs.

Located in exciting Madrid as well as the seductive cities of Sevilla, Granada and Barcelona, etr’s Spanish Language programs offer the perfect combination of education and exploration. We have personally focused on these four locations as they all provide a wide range of supplementary exploration possibilities for students of all ages. 

Drop us a line and we can discuss options with you in order to find the venue which best suits your specific requirements.

“As the Spanish teacher, I am going to be biased here and say that the language institute was fantastic. My students who take Spanish were very positive. I found the language center to be professional, welcoming, and super accommodating with our group.”
JS and his students were on a Madrid Language week with etr.
No matter the venue, students’ days start with a morning of classroom instruction with professional language teachers. Afternoons are filled with exploration of your chosen city as well as excursions to the surrounding region. For example, one recent group in Madrid completed the morning’s lesson that then headed to magnificent Toledo in time for an al fresco lunch and a guided tour of the city’s famed pedestrian center. The, upon returning to Madrid, the group had a tour of Real Madrid’s famous home ground, Bernabéu Stadium. As fun as these activities are, they too are geared towards supporting students’ acquisition of the local tongue. As all etr programs are completely custom designed, the duration of the program as well as the selection of the stimulating activities are completely up to you.

All etr tour leaders are native speakers and make a point of incorporating activities and challenges that apply the group’s earlier classroom-learning to real-world situations. As the morning lessons are reinforced by use in everyday situations, progress is rapid and meaningful. And as all etr language programs explore the areas’ rich history, culture, geography, art, and more, students return home not only with a greater facility of the Spanish language, but with a familiarity of a new part of the world as well.

The Spanish language classes were a smashing success, and every single student came back raving about the quality of the teachers.

As noted earlier, the itinerary of visits is completely custom-designed to meet your requirements and curriculum goals. For more details, give us a call or drop a line to etr Language Coordinator, Fanny Laurent (fanny.laurent(@) today.

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