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With medieval castles, soaring mountains, and a legendary forest that enchants even the worldly-wise, the German countryside has all the trappings of a fairy tale. But this nation is hardly frozen in time: the animated cities of Berlin and Munich as well as world-class culture keep life moving at modern speed and make for great student learning experiences.

In Berlin, daring art and audacious architecture defines a German avant-garde, it is the capital’s fascinating and sometimes painful history which draws our attention. And, Munich delights with outstanding museums, royal residences, and warm Bavarian charm.

History is complicated here, and the challenges of Communism, the World Wars and reunification remind us all that "happily ever after" can be hard to find.

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The Cold War • Art • WWII • Industries

"Thank you for all your work on the recent Berlin trip which fell somewhere between successful and wildly successful. What you arranged for us there and the amiability of the tour director were wonderful."


Unforget­table Moments

With etr, we explore the dynamics between past and present, tradition and innovation, ultimately discovering the newest chapter in the complex tale that is German history.

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