Breathtaking mountains, rich culture, and natural wonders.

In 1993, etr began operating trekking and service programs in Nepal. After all 27 years, etr’s Nepal Adventure programs remain one of the most sought-after trips in the etr repertory. Though each etr Nepal itinerary is fully custom designed, many groups choose amongst three distinct aspects which complement each other fully: an in-depth exploration of the history, religion and culture, and, of course, cuisine, found in the capital Kathmandu; an appreciation of wildlife and environmental issues in the Chitwan National Park or trekking out of Pokhara; and, of course, the rigorous physical challenge of a rural or urban community service activity.

On an etr program, you'll discover the splendour of Nepal's breathtaking mountains and rich culture, all provided with the experience you deserve. Our inspiring Kathmandu-based CAS programs operate on five, six or seven night durations and can be found here.

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• Annapurna Trek • Community Service

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If you are looking for community service options, etr offers rewarding student experiences for deep cultural exposure, environmental awareness and community service in, amongst others, Vietnam, Bali, South Africa, Cambodia and, of course, Nepal.

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