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From classic to contemporary, Budapest has it.

Once a mecca for photography and Bauhaus architecture, Budapest was profoundly changed by the arrival of Communism. Like many other Eastern European cities, creative spirits were forced underground as Soviet officials destroyed any art not sanctioned by the state. After the fall of the Communist bloc, Budapest began rebuilding its artistic resources – and continues to do so today. Visitors can now find top-notch museums and galleries, all supported by a keen desire to put Budapest back on the international art map.
From contemporary to classic works, Budapest’s three major art museums – the Museum of Fine Art, the Ludwig Museum, and the Mücsarnok – offer countless learning opportunities. But the real heart of the growing Hungarian art scene lies in the city’s buzzing galleries and exhibition spaces. Let us show you around.

The Varfok Gallery

The Varfok Gallery, one of the oldest in the city, showcases established contemporary artists as well as up-and-coming talent. Many international and local artists have taken up residence at Art Quarter Budapest, perched on the Danube, where they can collaborate and display their works in a series of innovative public exhibition spaces. As for the underground art scene, it remains very much alive – only this time, it’s by choice.

Deák Erika Gallery

Found in the hectic neighborhood locals call “The Broadway of Pest”, Erika Deák Galley displays contemporary works of innovative artists, both foreign and domestic, and has since 1998.

Vintage Galeria

Here we can view 20th century and contemporary prints by Hungarian artists focusing on modernism (1919-1939) conceptual art (1965-1989) and the artists of the Eastern-European neo-avantgarde.
Image Gallery

etr’s process of customizing each and every one of our itineraries means you can choose which art and culture venues in Budapest best suit your learning objectives. Just let us know, and we do the rest.

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