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When it comes to nature, Latin America is superlative. The world's highest waterfall, largest rainforest, longest mountain range, and biggest river are all found in this magnificent region – which makes it one of the best places for a hands-on exploration of biology, ecology, and environmental preservation. Everywhere you turn, the landscape is ripe for discovery on a customized etr travel program.

For starters, in Peru, your students can join us as we trek through the Amazon basin and climb to ancient Inca ruins, whereas in Costa Rica we hike through lush rain forests, climb a still-smoking volcano, and explore a jungle canopy…up in the canopy. All very cool.

But nature isn't the only attraction here – Latin America is also home to strong indigenous traditions and a long legacy of European influence. The rich culture of the region unfolds as we follow the footsteps of the Incas, explore the temples of Peru's Sacred Valley, and explore pre-Colombian and Spanish architectural ruins.

"It was a learning experience for us to use a company to organize all the details of an educational trip and we all feel as though etr did an exceptional job. We appreciate the time you spent with us before the trip as well as the requests for feedback after the trip."

A.C., Switzerland

Unforget­table Moments

In Latin America, your students will find adventure, accelerated. Let us be the ones to show you what these two unrivaled countries have to offer your students.

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