Inspiring artwork and magical architecture.

In the 15th century, merchants flocked to Venice to sell their wares at the world’s most vibrant market. Today, this Italian city continues to enchant student travelers of all kinds with her romantic waterways, inspiring artwork and magical architecture.

Delve into the magic that is Venezia on one of etr’s fully customized programs. You’ll gaze in awe at the masterpieces in the Accademia, behold Palazzo San Marco from the basilica’s loggia and pose for pictures at the Grand Canal—but we’ll also show you some of the back neighborhoods where you will learn the traditions of mask making, take you to charming trattorias, find the best Venetian glass and, of course, the most charming gondolier.

As etr has been operating student discovery programs in Venice since 1989, we have an in-depth understanding of what makes a great Venetian learning experience.

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Walking in the footsteps of Titian, Vivaldi, and Casanova, you’ll soon see why Venice continues to be one of the world’s most inspiring student destinations.

Ready to Go to Venice?

etr has been leading student explorations of Venice since 1989. Is it not time for you to join us?
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