A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities

The mix of peoples and cultures which have formed Vietnam’s history make for a fascinating visit to this breathtakingly beautiful country. Here you and your students will find French colonial architecture interspersed with traditional Buddhist pagodas, temples and imperial structures.

However, what most marks this country is its astounding natural splendor. Our treks through the lush green north bring students face-to-face with the traditional hill tribes of the area, while our winding boat trips through the tributaries of the Mekong delta showcase verdant plains stretching far into the horizon. Exotic food and beaming faces greet us at small towns and bustling cities along the way. Our student explorations of Vietnam will always make sure you get a rich and balanced view of the natural magnificence, difficult history and, of course, culinary and cultural traditions of this vibrant country.

• Culture • History • Trekking • Community Service

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etr’s programs in Vietnam are as varied as the country itself. And we customize each and every one to meet your specific requirements. Come with us to find the hidden charm of Vietnam.

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We create customized Vietnam itineraries for schools all over the globe. To learn more about what an engaging Vietnam program for you and your students could look like, just drop us a line.
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