Hey Greg!

You're so right about (etr Vietnam program leader) Vinny! It was absolutely amazing, every parent genuinely thanked you guys and everyone on this end for making it possible. They're going to remember this for a lifetime! I know several of the kids are still in touch with Vinny, Hieu, and even crossed internet paths with the mother at the home stay. They were all so welcoming, and genuinely gave their best while we were there.

If I am given the choice to choose etr or another company in the future, it would be no question. I'll definitely be recommending you guys to anyone else looking for a similar experience. As for me, this was my first time taking a group of kids on a trip like this, and I am 100% happy with the overall experience and outcomes.

I seriously cannot thank you enough for setting all of this up and giving us this opportunity. You are truly giving people opportunities of a lifetime through your work. Thank you so so much!!

LB and her high school students participated in an etr Mekong House Build in December 2015


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