Thank you! 

The Italy trip was wonderful, and the students all said it was the best trip they had ever taken. They were engaged in all the sites and truly were enthralled with Italy.

Meals were great – everyone enjoyed all the meals, which is always a plus when traveling with healthy, growing teenagers. 

Accommodations were great - Lido Island was a lovely place to stay, and Hotel Maxim's location was excellent.

The students enjoyed the Da Vinci Museum very much and spent nearly two hours there, viewing and interacting with his inventions.  They sat for nearly an hour watching the video of Da Vinci's life, which I must say pleasantly surprised us.

The local guide who took us through the Doge's Palace was excellent!

Truly, everything was great. (etr tour leader) Sirah was very flexible and helpful.  Randy and the kids wanted to attend an evening Tribute to Vivaldi, and Sirah was able to organize the logistics for the evening.

As always, ETR is the way to go!

CF and her high school group from Shanghai traveled with etr to Italy in April 2012


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