Hi Annick,

I just wanted to thank you so much for organizing this trip. All went well, as was expected. The students really appreciated the activities and enjoyed every bit of the trip.

Luc was an excellent leader! He was great with the students - just the right balance of keeping them in line and adding a touch of humor. We appreciated his maintaining a good relationship with the bus drivers, hotel staff, and others he encountered. And probably most of all, we all really, really appreciated the excellent choices for the evening meals. He found restaurants that had both ambiance and good food. The hotel staff were very helpful and the hotel itself was both in a good location and the rooms were great.


All the sights around Aix were good. The students especially appreciated the mountain hike and the kayaking, but enjoyed everything else as well. They loved Aix - our stay there was just too short... there were so many things we weren't able to do this time.

We did make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Actually, the walk up the stairs to the second floor wasn't bad at all. Since it was late (we started up around 10:30) we were able to get right on the elevator to the top once we were on the second floor. The elevators down from the second floor had a long line, so we walked down as well.

We hope to plan a similar trip for next year and will keep in touch with you.

So again, thank you so much. We had a wonderful time!

G-I.M and her students from Saudi Arabia traveled with us to France in May, 2012


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