Dear Fanny,

It was the first time I was going to Madrid ( despite my Spanish roots ! ) and I have to say that it has been absolutely fantastic and unforgettable. I'm a great traveler and a cultural trip fan, I certainly will come back to Madrid again !

Accommodation : The hotel was perfectly located, in a quiet street, very close to the center of Madrid and near a metro station. Also there were plenty of restaurants around. The rooms were very spacious and comfortable , excellent breakfast , great service. The hotel was perfect sized for the students, not too big, not too small and it was very easy to meet everyone downstairs in the lobby.

Activities : The choice of activities was great we have been able to visit the most famous cultural places of Madrid while having also enough free time for shopping and hanging around. The evenings were top, the students were very enthusiastic about the Flamenco performance and the bowling :). Also , Ana San Martin, our local guide, took us to the best tapas places. The trips to Segovia and Avila were also great.

Food : The food was a festival of flavours and discoveries of the best Spanish dishes , tapas, cheese, tortillas , soups, desserts. There was also enough choice to satisfy some vegetarian students that were in the group.

Local guides : These people were absolutely fantastic !! Ana San martin is a very professional and most dedicated woman, she took us everywhere to the best places, while being open to suggestions or change. She knows Madrid very well and was very proud to show us her city. I can’t wait for seeing her again ! Her contact with the students was excellent , funny and responsible at the same time.

Frederico, the guide we had to visit the Prado museum, the Queen Sofia museum and the Royal Palace was great : He has a talent of a story teller to capture the attention of a young audience for at least 2 hours and open their minds to the wonders and masterpieces all around I highly recommend him for further visits.

Overall it has been a fantastic trip, extremely well organised My experience in Spain has been so awesome that I would like to reiterate it in Paris ! :) Students and teachers are still dreaming about it !!!

FN and her high school students participated in an etr Spanish Language adventure in Madrid in March 2016.


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