Hi Andrea,

Thank you once again for all of your work in arranging the Italy trips.

(etr tour leader) Sirah was amazing! She continues to make the trip easy for us by smoothing the way the entire time. I truly appreciate the fact that she engages with the chaperons and students so wonderfully. She is also amazing with everyone we meet along the way to ensure that our group is treated well. She is a gem and I would not want to do this trip without her.

Thank you so much for managing to get the restaurant on the beach for the second night in Paestum. It was wonderful and I hope we're able to do that again next year. It was one of the highlights for teachers and students alike.

I'm really pleased that you've been able to book both groups at Palace for next year. It was wonderful and the location is great. Sirah and I both had rooms that were tiny. I hope they were complimentary as I think they were closets before they changed them into single rooms. Everything else about the hotel made up for this.

All of our local guides were excellent once again. Would love to keep the same for next year. Pizzeria Franco was a great new addition! The Pizza School was once again excellent and a wonderful way to end our trip.

I cannot speak highly enough of Sirah and how wonderful she was on this trip. You are very lucky to have her working for you.

Thanks once again for all of your work and planning! I'll be back in touch after June 6th with some additional feedback.

JT and her middle school students again explored Regione Campania with etr in May, 2012


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