Dear Greg,

I am writing this email on behalf of the chaperones to our recent trip to Nepal to share our great appreciation with having Stephen as our head guide. He did a fantastic job with us with his professionalism, deep knowledge about the itinerary, and always being there to answer questions. We believe that Stephen went beyond the call of duty to make our experience memorable.

In addition to what is mentioned above, Stephen established a great connection with the kids where he was well respected and well liked.

Kindly pass this on this letter of appreciation to Stephen, and we look forward to having ACS work with him in future WWW trips.

Another important mention is we share the same sentiment about the local guide Bishnu who also was as phenomenal and as passionate about providing us a memorable experience.

Thank you for working in the background to have the best people on the ground for our trip.

MH and his high school students participated in a week long Kathmandu service program in May 2016.


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