Hi Rainer:

The South Africa: the Drakensburg trip was great. (etr tour leader) Tim was fantastic. He was professional, personable, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The kids loved him. I would have him guide another one of my trips in a heartbeat.

What was most popular? By far, the game park, the river ride and the orphanage in Kwamashu… The kids were happiest when active—sea kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, playing ultimate Frisbee on the beach.


…the experience was great educationally. The kids are still talking about it. I have previewed their presentation write-ups for parent night. It is clear that they took a lot from their South Africa adventure.

Thanks to you folks at etr for being so professional throughout the planning and the trip.

D. M. and 20 of his students travelled to South Africa with etr in February 2012


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