Dear Rainer,

WOW really doesn't describe this South African trip. It was WOW, WOW, WOW!

The kids had a great time and we did everything on the itinerary, plus. (etr tour leader) Lavinia and Jason were wonderful. Their participation really enhanced the trip: Lavinia's fabulous energy and enthusiasm were so contagious that even the sleepiest traveler paid attention; Jason was terrific, adding bits of trivia about everything South African, even introducing us to Johnny Clegg, the famous South African entertainer (our favorite track "Kilimanjaro" was happily sing by all on the bus).

One of our most memorable (activity) has to be the drumming / marimba / dancing workshop. Our video shows what a fun time we had, so much so, that several of us bought an African drum! ....

And thanks so much for the shirts. We wore them to hike up Lion's Head.

Overall, a fabulous trip.

Thank you,

BD and her students traveled with us to South Africa in February 2012


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