I also appreciate all your work behind the scene, Melvina

Hi Melvina,

As Doug said, Catherine was great. Everything went smoothly because of her and she was able to adapt to all unforeseen events. The food was the best on this trip and we loved that!

I also appreciate all your work behind the scene, Melvina! Everything was well planned and organized.

Thanks again Melvina for planning another great Out Of Kingdom trip!

CW also participated on the above mentioned nine day France exploration in March 2016

We do love this trip

Hi etr,

We do love this trip… and year after year, are very pleased to repeat it.

BH and his 100 middle school students travel to Granada and Cordoba with etr each each spring.

This wonderful experience!

We would like to thank you and etr for helping us organize this trip to Barcelona for our middle school students. The students and us learned a lot and had many good experiences. Beatriz was a very patient, caring and flexible guide and we enjoyed working with her. Parents have been writing us thanking for this wonderful experience and we thank you for helping us achieve that! We all came back safe, happy, and exhausted but glad we had the experiences we did.

LF and her students explored Barcelona with etr in June 2015

This trip was truly unique!

I just wanted to write a quick message to you - and a big THANK YOU for all the work that was put into the Japan trip. I believe it was a major success!

Lindsay and I have lived in Japan for a total of 15 years, and I think that I can say with confidence that the students had the opportunity to see and do many things that we never saw or did! This trip was truly unique, there was a good vibe during the entire trip, and it is a week I believe the students will remember with fondness for years to come.

Kent's knowledge and expertise of Tokyo and the surrounding area was amazing, and he was able to lead the group each day with no problems (and even mostly on time, which is remarkable giving our group!)

I am looking forward to running the trip again next year.  Thanks again, and until next time.

WB and his 30 students explored japan with etr in May 2014

Smoothing the way the entire time

(etr program leader) Sirah was amazing! She continues to make the trip easy for us by smoothing the way the entire time. I truly appreciate the fact that she engages with the chaperons and students so wonderfully. She is also amazing with everyone we meet along the way to ensure that our group is treated well. She is a gem and I would not want to do this trip without her.

JT, London

It was a very successful trip.

We were really happy with the activities in the itinerary and the pace of the trip.  I think everyone was also happy with the accommodations and the breakfast they provided. The restaurants we dined in were great and I think everyone was happy with the food choices, even those with Halal diet. 

I was happy with the etr program leader, Hugo, and the local guides.  Rosanna was especially good and had a way of explaining things that interested the kids.  All in all, it was a very successful trip and I thank you for all the hard work it took to organize everything.

SP and her students enhanced their Spanish language skill in Spain in November, 2013

We'd definitely do the trip again!

(etr program leader) Kent was also a great asset full of personality and guidance.  We'd definitely do the trip again.

EL and her high school students enjoyed a week of pottery making in Japan in February, 2014

Very worthwhile and meaningful service project

Tour guides were great J … Planned activities were really great (cooking class, boat rides, etc)

Very worthwhile and meaningful service project which made a real difference; I’m happy we were doing something so well thought out…Good standard of hotel - having the pools was great.

Overall we were really pleased and will be back with etr next year :)

BT and her students participated on an etr service program in Cambodia 2013

Pupils enjoyed the more 'active' of the activities best

The Bali trip did indeed go well. I do think the pupils enjoy the more 'active' of the activities best, particularly enjoyed the river rafting.  The pupils seemed to be fully engaged in the Balinese cooking workshop, definitely the eating part!  The meals very good and the selection couldn't fail to please even the fussiest of eaters.   Some of the pupils found the Mount Batur walk difficult, but the majority of the group gave it their best.

WH and his students traveled to Bali with etr in March 2014

The Nepal trip exceeded my expectations

The trip was wonderful, and both Kent and Vishnu were incredible guides. Our students were both impressed with the organization of the trip and delighted by their experiences. They particularly appreciated being able to help at the school and are already talking about donating/sponsoring children/going back in the summer.   More than one of them didn’t want to leave Nepal and return to Kuwait at the end of the trip! Honestly, the trip exceeded my expectations, and I am planning on recommending that trips with etr become yearly occurrences for our group and others.

EK and her high school students ventured to Kathmandu for a week of service and exploration in February, 2014


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