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Dear friends and colleagues,

As Director of etr tours, I’m often invited to make pre-trip presentations at schools around the globe.  During the post presentation Q & A, there is invariably the comment from an envious parent noting that the program sounded so exciting, they wished they could go on the trip…and share it with their family. Thus etr family was born.

In 1992, etr operated its first family trip…and we haven’t looked back.   Kenya started it off, followed by programs in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, China & Tibet and most recently programs in Budapest & Prague.

The etr programs are designed to get the most out of your time in the destination, yet with a balanced tempo.   We at etr handle all aspects of the tour, freeing you and your families to fully enjoy the program. Our 24 years operating tours for international schools allows us to provide the most time-efficient itineraries with a myriad of student / parent activities for you to enjoy.  

The comments we most hear from participants is that they can’t believe how much they experienced and how smooth and stress-free the program was. Parents like the fact they can share the exploration with their children without the time-consuming hassle of planning each and every detail on their own.  They’re also fond of the great value the programs provide and the fact that their children have schoolmates on the tour while being able to share time with like-minded parents.

If you are a teacher eager to explore the world with friends and family or if you are a parent who wishes to gather a few like-minded families for an active and rewarding vacation, just drop us a line.



Chemin de Longeraie 9
1006 - Lausanne, Switzerland

+41 21 633 44 55


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