At etr, we’ve always been eager and proud to support the global communities in which we operate. Now, we’re taking our support to the next level by launching Making a Difference, with Water Pumps. Through this new initiative, etr will donate funds to purchase and install water pumps in the rural areas surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia. Throughout the academic year, we’ll work with our local etr support team to install water pumps for needy families and Cambodia’s many resource-poor public schools.

Happy Greg with Water Pump

Why water pumps?

They’re quickly installed and provide water almost immediately. We feel that it is an effective means to access water and one efficient way to speedily improve the standard of living in many rural communities. By making water accessible we not only remove the time consuming burden of retrieving and using unhealthy water from local ponds, we help provide an easier means for bathing, doing laundry and performing other water- related activities.

We happily launched this initiative with the installation of our first water pump on the 4th of August. We’ll be sharing details and results of future installations on the etr Facebook page in the weeks, months and years to come.

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