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Golden windmills in the setting sun, dusty bullrings, flashes of a red flamenco dress: Spain is a land of legend and color, myth and timelessness. Since the death of Franco in 1975, it is also a country rushing full-tilt at the future, with a vibrant economy and serious cultural credibility. On tour with etr, you'll discover how life here blends past and present with magical ease, traveling through storied Andalucia, playful Barcelona, and edgy Madrid. We'll let history be our guide as we take in fantastic artwork, legendary architecture, and glorious landscapes—all the while sampling the best of Spain's regional cuisine. From the mysterious Alhambra to Madrid's royal palace, the swords of Toledo to El Greco's icons, we'll leave you shouting "olé!

The trip to Barcelona went very well, and more importantly, Jorge was a terrific tour leader. He worked well with the kids, had terrfic meals arranged, and had great ideas for alternate plans. I wish I could have him on all the trips I do. M. McL., London




Capital of Spain and home to the Royal Family, the city of Madrid thrives on modernity even as it bears…


Throughout Andalusia, Moorish palaces jostle for space with Gothic cathedrals, reminding southern Spaniards as well as your students of the…


Not afraid to wear her “art” on her sleeve, Barcelona enchants visitors with rambunctious architecture and avant-garde style. Across the…


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