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Celebrated artwork, gastronomic delights, breath-taking architecture, millenniums of history and unrivaled culture…these are just some of the marvels that await you in vibrant and seductive Italy. This country has it all, and our fully-customizable tour programmes will make sure you don't miss a thing. Lose yourself in Venice's winding canals or Florence's captivating museums. Discover for yourself why Rome has been known as the Eternal City.

Thanks so much for organizing such a wonderful trip to Venice and Florence. It really was spectacular!Jeane S., Norway, travelled with etr to Italy

Your students will be able to examine the most renowned of Renaissance art from inches away, and travel back thousands of years while wandering through Roman ruins, around the Greek temples at Paestum and the incredibly-preserved Pompeii.

Italy may be one country, but it holds infinite wonders!




Watching suited businessmen zoom past the Colosseum on motorbikes, you’ll begin to understand that life in the Eternal City is…


Friends of Lorenzo de Medici called him “Il Magnifico” (the Magnificent) for gathering the world’s finest artists, musicians, and poets…


In the 15th century, merchants flocked to Venice to sell their wares at the world’s most vibrant market.


Throughout the ages, Sicily caught the interest (and bore the incursion) of practically every civilization that set foot on the…

Sorrento & Pompeii

It’s easy to see why the Sorrentine peninsula was a favorite vacation residence of the Roman emperor Augustus. Perched above…


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