In the capital city of Plato and Aristotle, the emphasis (as you can imagine) is on all things ancient. But don’t assume that this is just a city of silent stone—Athens is alive and bustling with residents who are lucky enough to live side by side with the cradle of western civilization.

We’ll explore all sides of Athens, taking in the famed monuments of Ancient Greece, the architecture of the 19th century Plaka district, and the lively theatres, cafes, and boutiques that make this city modern. Thanks to renovations for the 2004 Olympic Games, the major sights sparkle as they did in the time of Pericles. From the emblematic Parthenon to the elaborate Agora, our tour through history will leave us in awe of the ancients.

Come with us, as student groups have since 1990, to explore Athens. Often visited in conjunction with our Peloponessos programmes, the capital is a great conclusion to any Greece itinerary.


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