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The overall tempo of the trip was excellent with a good blending of down time and visits to wonderful sites. Last minute adjustment to our itinerary due to inclement weather was well performed by our etr program leader working in collaboration with your wonderful Greek guide.

Acclaimed as the "cradle of Western civilization," Greece holds something for every traveler. Discover millenniums of architectural marvels as you explore this country's famed and well-preserved archeological sites. The Peloponnesian Peninsula alone boasts structures dating from as far back as the 10th Century BC, including Olympic temples, the first sports arenas and the renowned Epidaurian theatre, to name just a few.

With etr leading the way, you and your students can discover how Minoan, Roman, Greek, and Turkish civilizations have mixed over Crete's 4,000 years of continuous inhabitation. For most of our groups we either start or end our exploration in Athens, a bustling metropolis home to nearly four million with the Acropolis as its centerpiece.

Meanwhile, those groups wishing to include a more tranquil day on an isolated beach will find their paradise in the glittering sand and crystal Mediterranean waters. Greece truly has it all.




For many travelers to Greece, the mainland often serves as little more than a waypoint en route to the azure…


In the capital city of Plato and Aristotle, the emphasis (as you can imagine) is on all things ancient. But…


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