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Charles de Gaulle once famously asked, "How can anyone expect to govern a nation that has 246 kinds of cheese?" We're not quite sure, but we do know that vibrant regionalism gives France the surprisingly diverse character that we love. To travel here is to step through years of history and across provincial divides.

Dear Greg, Our trip to France in November was extremely well done, the trip was well laid out and organized. I enjoyed working with Luc and Annick and I would recommend etrtours to any educator planning an overseas trip.J.R., Singapore

From the cosmopolitan wonders of Paris to Celtic villages along the Brittany coast, from grand Loire chateaux to the small family hotels on the Côte d'Azur, France is a colorful palette of a place.

Discover the artistry with etr tours. We'll show you the best this captivating country has to offer: first-rate culture, enthralling history, and a local life that keeps the hexagone humming. Oh, and - you guessed it - plenty of cheese.



Loire Valley

France’s most famous châteaux dot the verdant landscape of the Loire Valley. Known as the “Garden of France,” this region…


The City of Light never fails to dazzle. Once a sleepy Roman fishing village, Paris now boasts more culture per…


Driving through quiet, green Normandy, it’s hard to picture this peaceful farming region as the site of World War Two’s…

The South of France

Decades of glitz have turned the Cote d’Azur into a playground for the rich and famous. But beyond the beaches…


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