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Accessible, affordable Europe offers unmatched opportunities for student travel. From Athens to Rome, Paris to St. Petersburg, the continent practically overflows with culture, history, music, architecture, and more. How to sort through the embarrassment of riches? Let etr do the work for you – with over 22 years of experience, we've perfected the art of the European itinerary. Whether you're focused on theatre studies, ancient civilizations, classical music, language studies, contemporary politics or something else entirely, our compelling, unique travel programs will meet your curricular needs. We offer fresh perspectives on classic sights and bring your students off the beaten path for a European adventure they won't forget.

As I have always said, it was a pleasure working with you and etr. You were professional and efficient. You responded immediately to queries, you gave us good advice and you were very understanding and accommodating. That made a big difference. Hotel was fantastic - so clean and very comfortable. Program and activities were fantastic and the tour directors were absolutely wonderful! Luc and David took good care of us and we want them back for future tours! In summary, we had the time of our lives! K.T., Paris

Some programs we are operating include: groups exploring the influence of the ancient Romans in Spain; middle school students travelling to central Italy exploring the ruins at Pompeii and investigate the reach of ancient Greek trade and architecture at Paestum; high school art groups heading to Vienna and Prague for a week of art exploration; a number of high school groups flying to London for our UK Theatre program; high school students enhancing their Spanish language skills in Madrid while others are in Prague and Berlin investigating WWII and the Cold War; both middle and high school groups delving into Russian art, history and culture on our White Winter Weeks in Moscow and St Petersburg; the Renaissance is the focus for groups heading to Florence and Venice and the Normandy landing beaches are explored by middle school groups throughout the year.

If you have a topic you would like to pursue or would like suggestions for your next student tour, just drop us a line. You'll think the world of us.



Come and Discover the Land of Fire & Ice! It has been said that Iceland is the perfect student travel…


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