Community Service Programs

csrlogoBack in 1990, etr tours started providing community service opportunities in Russia at St Petersburg orphanages and after-school groups. Time spent cleaning, painting and constructing playground gym sets were all part of a chance to make a difference in young lives.

In 1993, etr tours was operating programs in Nepal which included a variety of community service components. Students on etr programs planted trees, painted schools and created a courtyard garden at an AIDS hospice for young girls. These projects continue today.

In 1995, etr’s safari Kenya programs offered our school groups a community service day (or two) working at a rural orphanage. The hard labour of cleaning and painting was mixed with the delight of playing with the children and taking our fundraising results to a nearby market to fulfill a shopping list provided directly by the orphanage’s director.


These are just a few examples of etr’s long term experience and dedication providing well thought out service projects. Thailand, Peru, Vietnam, South Africa, Nepal, Russia and Cambodia are just a handful of countries where etr can provide meaningful and rewarding service components for your students.


Nepal Service

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South Africa

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