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With its signature terraced rice fields and wild orchids, cloud-capped volcanoes and tropical jungles, pristine beaches and island breezes, Bali is famously known as the "the last paradise on earth." Yet beyond Bali's seemingly eternal summer, this "island of a thousand temples" radiates a colorful and vibrant culture rooted in deep religious tradition.

Demystify this peaceful and devout society through our hands-on cultural immersion program. You'll investigate the ornate costumes of the Balinese people, from gold-trimmed head ware and spidery batiks to the highly symbolic adat, or temple dress. You'll fathom the meaning behind the hand-made offerings and fragrant incense found at the local temples; learn to cook succulent dishes with Balinese spices; discover history of Balinese art; and develop an appreciation for the symbolism of the local dance as well as of the architectural design of local residences…all on this island of a thousand opportunities.

The Bali trip did indeed go well. I think the students particularly enjoyed the river rafting…the pupils enjoy the more 'active' of the activities best. The food was very good and the selection couldn't fail to please even the fussiest of eaters. Some of the pupils found the Mount Batur walk difficult but the majority of the group gave it their best. The pupils seemed to be fully engaged in the Balinese cooking workshop, definitely the eating part! Thanks again!WH and his students traveled to Bali with etr in March 2014

etr operates its custom-designed Balinese cultural immersion throughout the year. Let us know when you would like to go.

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