We have the magnanimous Medicis to thank for Florence’s incomparable art scene. As the ultimate patron family, the Medicis fueled the Renaissance and helped launch the careers of countless famed artists, including Michelangelo, Donatello, and Ghiberti.

Florence is full of possibility for every artistic agenda. We can focus on the storied heritage of the Renaissance, exploring famed galleries such as the Uffizi or the Accademia.

The rich legacy of the Renaissance infuses every corner of the city - museums, galleries, churches and even private residences are filled to the brim with the most iconic images of Western art. But there’s a new renaissance emerging, too, as young artists flock to Florence to try their hand at the next great masterpiece. Discover contemporary and classic treasures on tour with etr.

Florence is full of possibility for every artistic agenda.  We can focus on the storied heritage of the Renaissance, exploring famed galleries such as the Uffizi (chock full of more than 1500 works) or the Accademia (home to Michelangelo’s renowned David). We’ll see the bronze doors of the Battistero di San Giovanni, an inspiration to Michelangelo, and explore Brunelleschi’s magnificent Duomo, which shines with colorful frescoes by Vasari and Zuccari. Multiple museums await us within the 15th-century Pitti Palace, a sweeping complex that was once home to Florentine rulers. 


For a more hands-on experience, we can head to the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, which offers an engaging multimedia exploration of the magical frescoes of Benozzo Gozzoli.  Curious about the contemporaries?  We’ll show you top galleries like For and Biagiotti or tour Le Murate, a former nunnery and prison that is now home to one of Florence’s most innovative art spaces.  The Palazzo Strozzi offers an interactive way to check out contemporary Florentine culture, complete with hands-on workshops and drawing tours.  Who knows?  Amidst all the inspiration, you may even discover your inner Michelangelo.

With etr, you can decide which Florentine galleries, monuments, museums and activities best suit your requirements and academic focus and we’ll build your program around it.   Let us know what interests you and we can get started today. 

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