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When it comes to contemporary art, Berlin is the capital of cool. More than 5,000 artists live here, fueling an infectiously creative vibe and keeping the city’s countless galleries abuzz. From thought-provoking graffiti to avant-garde video installations, edgy sculpture to experimental painting, Berlin’s creative spirits are constantly on the cusp of artistic innovation. But the forward-looking visionaries who flock to Europe’s “art mecca” are also building on a rich legacy of artistic accomplishment that dates back to the Renaissance. Join etr as we discover one of the world’s most creative capitals.
Whether you’re focused on Renaissance or Rococo, street art or Surrealism, Berlin’s art scene can be customized to suit any itinerary. In the Gemäldegalerie, we’ll marvel at the iconic oeuvres of Dürer, Raphael, Rubens and Rembrandt. At the Hamburger Bahnhof, a former railway station-turned-museum, we’ll catch the likes of modern luminaries from Lichtenstein to Warhol.

Berlin inspired and exhilarated.

Or we can visit Museum Island, which offers no fewer than five institutions, overflowing with works of art that date from antiquity through the modern era. Touring the iconic murals of the East Side Gallery – painted along a 1.3 km stretch of the Berlin Wall – we’ll gain a better sense of the monumental changes that swept this city as Communism finally crumbled.
For a look at Berlin’s contemporary art scene, we can explore the offbeat galleries near Mitte and Potsdamerstrasse, catch an exhibition at the eclectic Grimmuseum, or tour the latest open-air installation in one of the city’s many art-filled plazas. We’ll leave Berlin inspired and exhilarated – and likely with a few creative ideas of our own.
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etr has been delving into the Berlin art scene since our first group explored the city right after the wall came down. Come along with us now and see what the capital of cool offers.

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