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Art Capitals

Kent was excellent

Dear Greg, I know that Philip will write to you separately, but I do want to let you know that our trip (to India) was most successful. (etr tour leader) Kent was excellent; just the right person to facilitate our itinerary...

I also appreciate all your work behind the scene, Melvina

Hi Melvina, As Doug said, Catherine was great. Everything went smoothly because of her and she was able to adapt to all unforeseen events. The food was the best on this trip and we loved that! I also appreciate all your work...

Most enjoyable trips I have ever taken

Hi Greg We are back from our trip to Vietnam. I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever taken and I am now finding it very difficult to settle back into work here. N...

Wowed with Portugal!

Hi Mirjam, We had a great trip and (etr tour leader) Jorge was fantastic! We were wowed with Portugal!! J.A., with us in Portugal, February 2011

You have put together a fabulous trip

Dear Greg, CONGRATULATIONS – you have done it again! You have put together a fabulous trip for us here at JIS! Egypt was very successful and truly an amazing trip. I have attached a word document so as you can see what...

Alan was an amazing tour guide

Dear Annick, Thank you all your hard work and efforts in organizing our Paris Trip. The students had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed all the French lessons and sightseeing. (etr tour leader) Alan was an amazing tour guide and he...

What a fantastic trip

Hi, I want to tell you both what a fantastic trip we had. It was so fun and largely due to Sirah. She is an amazing guide in every possible way. Nothing gets past her. We had wonderful meals which included eating...

It was an absolutely amazing time

Dear Andrea & Greg Hello! Please find the notes for this years Middle School Trip to Greece. It was an absolutely amazing time - as always! - and special recognition goes to (etr program leader) Alan, (etr guide) Irini and Dimitri...

We'd definitely do the trip again!

(etr program leader) Kent was also a great asset full of personality and guidance.  We'd definitely do the trip again. EL and her high school students enjoyed a week of pottery making in Japan in February, 2014

The best trip they had ever taken!

Thank you!  The Italy trip was wonderful, and the students all said it was the best trip they had ever taken. They were engaged in all the sites and truly were enthralled with Italy. Meals were great – everyone enjoyed all the meals...

Here you’ll find six of our Art Capitals, cities we found which have distinguished themselves by providing the student traveller with a wide array of world-class, art focused opportunities. Over our 25 years, art teachers and their students from the world over have discovered the wealth of world famous museums and cutting edge galleries, all with etr leading the way.

But don’t forget, these cities also offer exceptional cultural diversions and activities which allow for a well-rounded, time-efficient, etr experience.  As each and every one of etr’s programs are custom designed, we can tailor your art discovery to meet your specific requirements. 

Take a look at the cities currently listed and let us know where your interest lies.


Among travelers, Prague always earns accolades for its architecture. Largely untouched by the ravages of war that altered so many other European skylines, the city features a marvelous array of…


Vienna rightfully earned its place on the list of top art capitals long ago – this city’s baroque masterpieces have been luring travelers for centuries. But as of late, it’s…


Move over, New York. Bye bye, Barcelona. For true art lovers, there’s little that rivals London. With world-class museums, innovative galleries, experimental exhibition spaces and a thriving street art scene,…


We have the magnanimous Medicis to thank for Florence’s incomparable art scene. As the ultimate patron family, the Medicis fueled the Renaissance and helped launch the careers of countless famed…


Once a mecca for photography and Bauhaus architecture, Budapest was profoundly changed by the arrival of Communism. Like many other Eastern European cities, creative spirits were forced underground as Soviet…


When it comes to contemporary art, Berlin is the capital of cool. More than 5,000 artists live here, fueling an infectiously creative vibe and keeping the city’s countless galleries abuzz.…


The legacies of Picasso, Dalí, and Miró loom large in Barcelona.  But Spain’s most famous artists are hardly the only visionaries to have left their mark on the Catalonian capital. …


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